Manuela Callari

Freelance Science and Medical Writer

"Nothing in science has any value to society if it is not communicated, and scientists are beginning to learn their social obligations."

Anne Roe, 1953

Hi, I'm Manuela, freelance Australian-based science and medical writer.

I'm here to help you translate complex concepts into simple, engaging yet fact-accurate copy. Whether you need website contenthandoutsblog posts or articles, I will help you engage your readers with clear and compelling content.

What I write about

I write about science, health and medicine.

These are some of the areas I cover

Health & Medicine

  • Neuroscience & brain health

  • Cancers & cancer therapies

  • Drug discovery

  • Nanomedicine

  • Nutrition

  • Mental Health

  • Pregnancy, obstetrics and women’s health

  • Healthy lifestyle & behaviour change


Science & Tech

  • Material science & Nanotechnology

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Chemistry

  • Physics 


Climate Crisis &

Environment Conservation

  • Climate crisis

  • Environment Protection

  • Biodiversity Conservation

  • Renewable Energy

  • Food security

  • Outbreaks and natural disasters

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Organized & Efficient

"Manuela's work exceeded our expectations. She delivered high-quality content, and we strongly recommend her to anyone considering her expertise."

Tom Ray


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Reliable & Committed

"Manuela was amazing to work with. She immersed herself in the project and helped create some amazing content." 

Anna Freeman Lima

The Baru Project

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Dedicated & Resourceful

“Manuela brings a depth of science expertise and broad interests to her writing, with topical and relevant story ideas that she covers reliably with clarity and comprehension.״ 

Natalie Parletta

Warringal Pubs