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Need to get rid of COVID? There’s a model for that… July 2021

How to shield our most vulnerable from COVID-19, July 2021

Rapid antigen tests, July 2021

Anglo or Asian? The only good news from Australia’s sluggish vaccine rollout: the chance to learn from other countries’ reopening experiments, July 2021

Is a quarter-dose of Moderna vaccine enough? July 2021

Is COVID-19 becoming a childhood disease? July 2021

To lockdown or not to lockdown? July 2021

We (really) need to talk about reopening…, July 2021

Smart masks to detect COVID-19, July 2021

Delta is keeping Australia on alert, June 2021

AstraZeneca COVID vaccines now sit on the shelf. What next? June 2021

What are T cells and how do they help immunity? June 2021

How far can SARS-CoV-2 travel into the airways? June 2021

Developing vaccines for forgotten flaviviruses, June 2021

Surviving aged care in a pandemic, June 2021

New variants on the rise, June 2021

It’s a small, silent, stable world, May 2021

Remember the flu? May 2021

Could a nasal spray protect you from COVID-19? May 2021

How do we vaccinate the world? May 2021

Can I get two different COVID-19 vaccines? May 2021

Hesitant about COVID-19 vaccines? You’re not alone, May 2021

I’m pregnant. Should I get a COVID-19 vaccine? May 2021

One billion doses reached, May 2021

COVID-19 breaks out in Timor-Leste, May 2021

Inside ATAGI, Australia’s vaccine advisory group, May 2021

Do we need to vaccinate kids against COVID-19? April 2021

Opioids and overdose risk, April 2021

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy on the rise, April 2021

Australian mRNA vaccines? April 2021

Vaccine efficacy on variants, April 2021

How do COVID variants emerge? April 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine: clot or not? April 2021

It’s worth re-engineering the clamp, April 2021

Immunosuppressants and COVID-19, April 2021

COVID-19 vaccine and cancer, April 2021

Update on AstraZeneca and blood clots, March 2021

COVID vaccine: rare reinfection problem, March 2021

Halts to AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe: latest, March 2021

South African variant yet more concerning, March 2021

Equitable vaccine access for all, March 2021

Pain education could end the opioid crisis, March 2021

Global pandemic needs a global plan, March 2021

Determined science, March 2021

The jab is jumpin’, March 2021

South Africa concern, February 2021

What’s so scary about the UK variant? January 2021

The Medical Republic, Rheuma Republic, Oncology Republic

Lungs aged a decade after extensive smoke inhalation, July 2021

Avoid glucocorticoids in rheumatoid arthritis, July 2021

Biologics vs phototherapy in psoriasis, July 2021

Warfarin linked with joint replacement risk, July 2021

Inflammation or central sensitisation? June 2021

Updated RA treatment guidelines, June 2021

Healthy body, healthy planet, June 2021

ASCIA okays 0.15mg adrenaline injector for infants, June 2021

Can cannabis help with chronic pain? May 2021

Online exercise program improves knee OA pain, May 2021

Getting nano cancer fighters into clinic, May 2021

Infliximab may dampen COVID-19 immune response, May 2021

Fear, mood, guilt: in pain, everything matters, April 2021

Enzalutamide approved by TGA, OR April 2021

New guidelines for child fertility preservation, OR, April 2021

Aussie 3D printer one of only five in the world, OR, April 2021

Diet, weight and gout risk, RR, April 2021

Words can hurt me: how language makes things worse, TMR, March 2021

Considering Taltz withdrawal in PsA patients?, RR, March 2021

Impressive results for bimekizumab in plaque psoriasis trial, RR, March 2021

Simple screening tool to predict infection risk in RA, RR, February 2021

Clinical trials waste billions – AI could be the fix, TMR, February 2021

Overcoming challenges in GCA and PMR management, RR, November 2020

Even low-dose glucocorticoids have risks, RR, November 2020

Work-related asthma is common and preventable, TMR, November 2020

First head-to-head trial for rival PsA biologics, RR, October 2020

Avacopan comparable to glucocorticoids in ANCA-associated vasculitis, RR, July 2020 

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