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I am a  freelance science and medical journalist and content creator living in Sydney, Australia

My reporting ranges from core science to the environment to medicine and health. I am also covering the COVID-19 pandemic.


I’m a regular contributor of news and features for Cosmos Magazine and The Medical Republic. My work has also been published in The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, Mongabay, and others.

I have won the Australasian Medical Writers Association Early Career Award 2021. Guest judge Justin Coleman wrote “this year’s award winner, whose rigour reflects her background in PhD research, has transitioned admirably into a more journalistic style. You never have to read a sentence twice, but read on because you want to know more”.

I have also created content for Universities, Research Institutes and companies including Monash University, The George Institute for Global Health and

Like other science journalists, I transitioned from academic research to writing. I have completed a PhD in Medical Science, a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Material Science, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Science Communication.

I have published my research work in several peer-reviewed and high impact factor journals during my academic career and presented at local and international conferences. 

I am a member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and the Science Journalists Association of Australia (SJAA).

For content, blogs and feature commissions email me at

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