My mission is to help entrepreneurs and researchers tell their stories by translating complex concepts into simple, engaging yet fact-accurate pieces. I specialize in feature writing, literature review and content writing. So, if you want to share your research findings with the public, if you need a scientific consult or content, contact me.
Although I love anything Science and I am always keen to learn, these are the areas I mainly cover:
Health and Medicine
I have completed a PhD in Medical Science and worked on anti-cancer drug discovery. I am also passionate about Neuroscience, Genetics, Biology, Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Mental Health.
Material Science
With a Bachelor and a Master's degree in Material Science and Engineering I have a deep knowledge of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In particular, I am interested in Nanotechnology and its huge range of applications
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation has always been one of my greatest passions which I am cultivating by working as a sub-editor at Remember the Wild. I am also interested in Renewable Energy and Climate Change
I am fascinated by the evolution of Technology and I particularly love covering stories on Artificial Intelligence and its incredibly diverse applications. 
Higher Education
Having spent many years in Academia I have grown a passion on Science Philosophy and Academic Culture.
Women in STEM
Throughout my career I have been inspired by many female role models. Knowing of their incredible achievements has been a way to boost my own confidence. I am currently looking for women in STEM to build a portfolio of profiles with the aim to inspire young girls stepping into the STEM world.
What they say
"We initially engaged Manuela to conduct a review of global research in our field and write an overview report. Simply put, her work exceeded our expectations, in particular, her style and flow of writing. We have since engaged Manuela a further two times for follow on work, which have both been delivered to a similarly high standard. We fully intend to continue our working partnership with Manuela into the year ahead and we strongly recommend her to anyone considering her expertise."
Tom Ray
CEO at YogiBirth